Peer pressure needs a lot of attention.
Playing whot with your values and for your friends they go up on suspension.
You cant handle it, a process called rejection.
Last minutes choices, the stress stings like an injection.

Friends come over and buy you a drink.
Your mind tells you, you gon sink.
They say its nothing only a sip.
Listen carefully your mind’s giving you a tip.


My dudes introduce me to weed.
No bro’s this ain’t my type of feed.
They say uh un you dry like stale old chicken fry.
I take one puff and man I start to fly.

At the end they say man why did you let your values go.
Your values, you are supposed to make them glow.
You might have saved us from all this mess.
Now look at you, your life’s gon on distress.

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