Mental Status – What Quality does your Mind possess.

Being accountable to yourself is creating your own world, which includes what it means to be in oneness; your mental status plus other elements that make up your world. Happiness is one of such elements.

Happiness which is an ultimate prize is never defined as a particular thing, neither is it described as a certain scenario or resembles a type of person. It is individually created, expected to be generated from within. This gift in all of its form can only be derived through an improvement in mind quality.

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You are not going to tell me how my day will start or end, I make the rules here monkey head.” She says as the day starts to seem out of control.

Stability, a defining factor of your thoughts, is holding and squeezing your mind’s balls. Hence, keeping him under control, playing your cards the same way he plays his with eye contact, however playing forward your confident cards. Confidence, it helps maintain an enthusiastic attitude and optimistic expectations.

Before you begin to participate in the game, you must know that to a larger extent the mind was programmed to distract you, punish you, reduce you and seduce your self-image. Your power of reasoning mostly stays ahead of the game through his limiting belief-patterns, by often playing the emotional and uncertainty cards. Do not let him WIN.

Self image is a very important factor of your life.

“Who you are” at every given time influences “What you believe” and this strongly impacts “What you do”.

Since we create our realities with our thoughts, beliefs and actions, feed her your own cards. Stuff them full in her mouth. You are the master, she is your student, let her follow your rules; conform to instructions. Her silence will allow abundance of all kinds to freely enter your life. Play her as though a kid, with the love, king, spade and circle cards. Sometimes pull out the joker cards to suddenly send her feet off the ground. Throw them all in. Fight for you!

Startle her! Keep him compliant!

Checkmate at all times.

Your mind is the beginning and the end of you. Everything happens there. The term “only the strong survive” was not coined by a mad man, they are indeed words of wisdom. The battle is in there. The enemy is in the head. A rival within! Do not surrender. If you die in there, you are dead out here too. Equip your mind to be the strongest part of you. Let it be your submissive listener, greatest whisperer, highest ranking defender, fastest thinker, excellent negotiator and loyal to purpose. And these things can only happen if you are patient and compassionate with yourself. Be accountable for your actions.

Never let your guard down. Build a wall around the mind with a small door for communication purposes. Let it live within the walls embraced in positivity, it will have no choice but to feed your body emphatically.

Finding meaning where there seems to be none.

Peace of mind, patience, gratification, responsibility, discipline and contentment are indeed a state of being which only the mind creates. To attain these qualities money cannot buy, one must envision life through a certain type of mind. A mind that has gone through rigorous training and acquisition of powerful knowledge, mostly through experience. Also, such a type of reasoning is sorted after inwardly and not through another person or thing. Do not think of getting it from someone. You can however entrust it to someone for safekeeping, but you must know when and how to retrieve it when necessary, without torturing your mental state. If your mental state is of a certain quality it cannot be inflicted with emptiness.

Spending time with yourself is very important

Living a happy and satisfying life is a product of a sound mind and not a result of ranking or material possessions.

Do not be a Lamborghini with a Toyota engine.

YESSIN Blogletter

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