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Times of Uncertainty; More from Mr President.

You know women are more likely to demand more. But you see, all Nigerians at this point are considered to have suddenly cultivated the characteristics of a woman. There is an abundance of femininity, since the populace have become extremely fragile, passionate and attention seeking. Women who are desperately in need of their partner’s assurance; to tell them everything is going to be all right, in the same magnitude as to when he was trying to persuade her into marrying him. Promises on how he intends on caring for her and their unborn children, even in the midst of hardship and confusion, is the kind of assurance we are hoping for from our united husband; the man we elected into office. For better clarity I will rephrase. In light of the pandemic, more presidential broadcasts for situation reports and positive declarations intended to give confidence is expected from our president.

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For me, a husband is complementary. The icing on my fluffy chocolate cake. With or without a beautiful sugary fondant, I already have my structure, nice and smooth. But what about the others, the mentally imbalanced people without a cake, let alone a choice of an icing. Those who have lost hope, teenagers who have resort to violence, fathers who have turned robbers, mothers are suddenly overwhelmed by too many responsibilities and children inhaling the smoke from raging parents. The dysfunctionalities are over the boiling point. Mental instability is rising at an all time high. We should be concerned about the vulnerable, the marginalised and those who hunger. Therefore, no matter how figured-out I and many others alike think; the privilege of collecting data from different sources, we are all connected one way or the other, the different pieces to life’s puzzle. The tie that bind me and someone suffering elsewhere is much greater than I can imagine. Hence, I am of the opinion that these people need to be spoken to. They need to cheer on to the efforts of their president, every step of the way.

Addressing the Nation.

At every point leading up to now, President Buhari is expected to thoroughly inform the masses, clearing as many doubts that linger as we hide in our homes. The conviction in his voice is expected to be felt and heard as though a loud speaker from the other street, discussing further economic and social relief measures while we peep from our curtains. He is supposed to give us more of his time, deliberating about the steps in which his administration is taking to fight the novel virus and the progress being made everyday to restore a safer environment for our children. Nigerians desperately, more than we have ever needed, require to hear from him on a daily basis or at least two times within a week.

Lagos state Governor frequently addresses residents.

But no! It looks like the night’s watch has taken off again. Left us for mental doom and a high possibility of physical catastrophes. The process lacks transparency; many are yet to understand how jobs will be protected and how pregnant women will safely deliver healthy babies in compromised hospitals. The people, will they be compensated for lack of productivity, and not that rice sharing and financial stimulus subsistence which will not be sustainable in the long run.

Covid-19 relief for the poor.

Will private corporations organised for public use be supported with public funds if they are hardly hit by the outbreak. What about SME’s, are they in luck? Furthermore, what studies are being reported from the research and development sectors; what have our scientist found? Do we have capable hands and up to date laboratory equipments? Also, do we have trained personnels for crisis situations? Nationwide, are personal protective equipments and ventilators enough to combat the virus? Are security agencies penalised for breaching the laws imposed to curb person to person transmission of the novel coronavirus. Where are we on this matter? Someone needs to be accountable for every nitty gritty information. Who has been fired?

Key variables and assumptions are changing by the minute, which makes it difficult to somewhat predict the future. Therefore, the public should be updated as many times as possible in other for the government to gain commitment from the masses. Comprehensively, even the homeless should know how and what President Buhari’s administration intend on doing when making sure lives, jobs and properties are protected, incase the worse befalls the nation; probably a depression, public chaos or increased mortality rates.

Residents not following the easing regulations.

Given the magnitude in which Nigerians are congregating, as seen on social media platforms, the recorded cases seems less convincing. Either the government is not appropriately testing or the novel virus is not as contagious as we have been told. However, Nigerians cannot keep risking their lives, running on the streets without proper knowledge. Every information is a vital weapon for safeguarding.

It is only courtesy to share in one’s grief, but we do not actually share others grief. Times such as these has made me to fully understand that the words “I share in your grief” is just as courteous as saying a mere “hello,” nothing more.

President Buhari failed to be that boyfriend, husband, friend and father, when he showed insensitivity; by not being present, towards a collective loss. He was the Romeo that never came by, as Juliet waited patiently for him to express his undying love for her. To inconvenient himself for the sake of the lost; a people who look at the possibility of a dead future. We are of-course adopting and adapting to these new global realities, but the lack of conviction for a successful outcome lingers in the minds of many. We are confused; barely holding unto life and pushing on by the edge of a mountain towards the city of precariousness. When will we see our leaders fighting tooth and nail? When will we have a compassionate father? Is the saviour still coming? We are getting tired of waiting….… we the soldiers hum as we carry on towards blurring possibilities.

Survival during the partial lockdown.

In my opinion, I see the efforts of the governments as though a charade. A dance in the middle of the street for everyone to cheer as notable men make funny noises as they lift up their skirts. Yet again we feel that we as “Nigerians”; the ones who their government never cares about when compared to other citizens of the world. An exceptionally valid reason why we are treated inhumanly outside of our shores. “Their government does not care about them” they say, shaking their heads…

Should I call for a divorce? Will I leave this marriage? No! What about my children, will I tell them we fled the land, failed Nigeria too. That what we used to call home is now bare without life. No! We will stay, for we are the future. We are learning what it means to be absent, experiencing the outcomes of neglect and carelessness, so that we will have this in mind and refuse to take the same route when we descend our thrones. The golden thrones of the South, North, East and West of Nigeria. Seats that will reign with empathy, solidarity and responsibility. And our people will speak positively about Nigeria in that time. They will talk with courage after reorientations. The world will treat Nigerians differently as well, for they will know their husband/wife, father/mother, brother/sister, son/daughter and friend is a prompt and responsive leader.

Social distancing a fearful way of life.

We will endure, learn and certainly impact lives, for we are tomorrow’s leaders, those who yearn for a prosperous Nigeria.
God Bless Nigeria!
X pj.

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