YBL; A Lockdown into Deliverance

With my legs hanging on the armrest as I lie down on my newly found favourite sofa, a glass of red in hand and “Tools for Titans” on the other, I realised that it only gets better with life if you believe so.

With more knowledge, what you see becomes clearer. With more relaxation, how you feel comes as though a feather. With persistence plus ease, makes an entrepreneur or worker more than hopeful. With less noise in a highly polluted country, I can hear better. Even the exact sound of the cry I made when I was born.

I find days in this compulsory holiday, being the happiest vacation of a lifetime. I do not take it for granted. I never believed I could be this clear and hands on with my emotions, ability and quest.

The desire to know more only means I do not know anything. How could I have thought I knew something when change occurs in every second. If I may, I will say this a million times, “I am super grateful for the lockdown.” It is with abundance that I say the lockdown has not only opened my eyes and installed my antennas, but is has widely opened the bosom of my soul. Taking my existence from a journey that I will not walk again. Moved me away from a school of thought I will not be practicing any longer. Now I know how to say a blunt “NO” without adding “I am sorry.” Exhilarating!

Also, Stop trying to be your best. The world does not place value on anything or anyone. It takes or rejects what is thrown at it. Be you instead.

Yessin Blogletter

For we are caged by the thoughts of our fathers. Our opinions, ruled by our mothers. Behaviours, greatly influenced by the company we keep. When will one’s true self escape these bondages? Are one of the many questions we ask ourselves, but I can tell you for a fact that there is no “true self” of a man; I thought there was, for it is only a myth. This is the reason why he never finds his true-self. Instead, he becomes, chooses to be educated, healthier, wealthier, respected and more. Therefore, he should learn and master who and what he wants to become. Hence, decides to be who, what, where and when. Pick someone or something and decide to be them, it or even more.

X pj.

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