Tears of Redemption; A Poem for Easter

I cried in the darkness
And he heard my soul
I searched like a troubled lion
And he never stopped talking
Yet, I shouted in confusion
And he whispered again
He spoke like a worried father
He did not stop reassuring me.

I had set myself up for war
But he fought my battle before I woke.
I laid claim my want at his feet
But he doubled it before I spoke of it.
When I looked further than my eyes
He placed my feet where I saw.
Without telling me, he worked overtime
Even when I thought he had had enough.

He could not let me slip away
He just could not see me go
In my foolishness he still stood in wait
Loyal in every dimension and reality.

He had loved me before I came to be
Before he clothed me in this beautiful body
A flesh that everyone speaks of, desire much
Yet, I desire the beauty of my spirit, not flesh
For in my soul is where he sleeps and wakes.

Tell me, who else will I boast in
Now that the time is here
Now that I know him even more
Now that my tears are for thanksgiving
Now that I am sat on my father’s chair
Now that my crown commands a legion
And my sword pierces through time.

Jesus my King, merciful Saviour
What compares to your great love.
Tears of redemption still in my eyes
My soul sings slow, a melody heard
Not now, Not yesterday, Not tomorrow
But will forever travel in dulcet vibrations.

X pj

A Poem for Easter

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