TYL; Setting and keeping standards.

People are mostly misled when asking for favours. A woman requests according to how a man packages himself. His reputation influences what a beggar needs. Therefore, if he drives an old car, the fellow will ask for less, but asks for more when he lives in a mansion or drives a nice car. This should not be the case.

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Women most likely rate themselves lower if they happen to attract a man of lower standards and vice versa. The individual’s worth now becomes or is dependent on what the other person portrays or his reputation. Hence, feeding off illusions which mostly leads to embarrassments and regrets. 

You should stand firm on what you think you deserve, regardless of the other person’s material position or reputation. Do not accept what the other thinks is okay for you, what he only has to offer. It is either he/she can or cannot offer what it is you are looking for. And again be mindful, do not feel entitled and righteous. If a person wants to be worth more, one must keep increasing his/her abilities and intellect, then demand what is a applicable if or when necessary.

Therefore, stand according to your standards, that which you have inherited over the years. Be it the level of knowledge, respect or finances. Receive what you are deserving of and give what is appropriate, but in the process remember not to reduce an inch of your worth as it will hunt you with regrets later.

X pj

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