TYL: It’s the Weekend

Yes! The weekend is around the corner and I am so excited to be in this new year. We made it this far! As january comes to an end, 2020 to me has been a breath of fresh air. What will I do this weekend? To be honest it is going to be a lazy weekend for me. I hope so though.

I have been productive to some extent, but I must tell you that I have done alot of reflecting. In as much as there are so many nice people out there, there are a lot of “bitches” amongst them. Excuse my french though, but that is the exact word my friend Maggret calls them. She never fails to call it as it is, although blunt but I truly love her honesty.

Hoping to be as expressive as she is someday. Anyway, it was her birthday on the 3rd, and boy was I lucky to send my wishes on time, she would have had my head on a stick.

Before I wish you all a happy weekend, always remember to say NO when you mean it!

Happy weekend guys

X pj

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