Back to School Week

I never feared caring for a child. All my life I have trained and educated other people’s children, little did I know I was getting ready to cater, being prepared for my own and others to come. Yes it is hectic but I am so in love with this responsibility as it has shaped my very core. Values check, Morals check, Decisions check✔️.

Seeing my beautiful son all geared up to resume school is a blessing and having the privilege to provide his needs is yet another blessing. Growing up my parents made sure when I was going back to school, from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet was clothed with new items and this tradition I have followed with my son Hector.

To all the parents and others who wish to join this boat, trust me it is worth the sacrifice. The happiness a child brings is next to none. Keep pushing. The provider never fails!

X pj

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