Happy New Year

I wish you the best in 2020.

May you not only receive, but give love in return.

May your understanding be far larger than your territory.

May you reap more than your have sown.

May the food on your table be more than enough.

May your smiles calm the hearts of wicked men.

May you not be the bone in your neighbor’s neck.

May your presence be announced and seat reserved 

May your affirmations turn the necks of your angles.

May this time, this new year, have your name written all over it.

May you testify to unending miracles.

It is well with you and your family.

It is well with your aspirations.

You will not labour in vain.

Your eyes shall see good.

Your tears will reflect happiness.

Your hands shall receive in abundance.

Celebration is yours.

Dedication is yours.

Breakthrough is yours.

Promotion is yours.

Victory is yours.

Vindication is yours.

My year.

Year 2020

Good tidings is all I wish you this new year

Welcome to 2020 #yearofflight

X pj

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