The End of a Decade

2019, what a beautiful year it was for me. I learnt that truly there is a time for everything and there are seasons for different occurrences. 2019 constantly reminded me of my biggest flaw, which is my emotion. Nothing can change the course of my life, but my emotions if not checked and suppressed, because its extraordinary powers can do the unexpected. It is my greatest disadvantage, yet my biggest achievement if I channel it properly. Therefore, I have in a huge chunk moved it away from humans and given it to God. Because he will safe guard it, teach me how to portion it towards humans and protect my being from it.

In 2019 I saw clearer, looked deeper, assumed less, defined boundaries, tolerated less, shut doors, made less excuses but accepted all responsibilities. I freed myself from past hurt, protected myself from negativity and naysayers, and I will like to keep it that way this new year. 

Jecinta Powell

In 2020, my mission is to fight fear head on. I will not fear failure, I will accept shut doors, no more regrets, no more bondages, in the face of risk take it and step on some bigger toes. I will also spread love like never before, continue to impact lives and make some more greens enough to share. I will share great moments with strangers and recount such experiences with my loved ones. I will take gloriously amazing walks in the midst of admirers and my name…… Oh Lord help me!!!

Rounding up, I want to say a big thank you to those who have genuinely loved me near and far. Those who wish me well, patronized my businesses and spoke well of me in my absence, you can never understand the joy you bring into my life. To my family, you are the real MVP’s.

Come onboard my 2020 plane, it’s going to be a jolly ride. I have got diamonds to share. 😉 

#newyear #2020 #yearofflight

Thank you. 

X pj

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