Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Humans and Artificial Intelligence- fostering better productivity.

The Future

Artificial Intelligence is no science fiction, neither are it’s events imaginary. These technologies are basically, crucially modifying our operations and managements- how we live and work. Driven by advances in cloud computing, open source software, big data and improved algorithms, AI is however becoming a new phenomenon in mainstream society. A more commonplace in our everyday existence, seeing that most of us interact with it in some form or another on a daily basis, due to its combined series of action to the human user. For better understanding and before we move any further, ““any type of computer software that engages in humanlike activities, is referred to as “Artificial Intelligence””.

AI is said to be an appropriate competitive tool commonly-used by organisations. Vitally important for companies that want to retain a competitive edge. The idea is to intelligently lead an business  through advances in cloud computing, improved algorithms and so on. With such a brilliant method of altering work and managing businesses, it is no surprise that AI is now regarded as normal or conventional, capturing ideas, attitudes, or activities that are shared by most people. An evolving technology which over twenty industries cannot compromise. Better still, it is by now interrupting virtually all business operation in every industry.

Fostering better relationships

It is being used in practice to manage customer experiences, operations and business support functions. AI has the capability to  improve web sites and social media presences- upload images on internet platforms, Improve QA software and fight malware. It also writes articles about products and services- press releases, news coverage, blogs. Write codes, construct videos for marketing and watch company’s activities. Furthermore, artificial intelligence helps to improve customer decision management, data analytics- processing large amounts of data quickly, making predictive recommendations, handling a growing number and range of tasks. From learning, planning and problem-solving, to smart agents- for a better chatbot for customer service, to driverless cars, these are some of the very reason it is seen by business leaders as an essential tool in transforming business activities.

With its wide range of use, AI is expected to transform a business —from strategy and capabilities, to organisation and implementation. Although it currently has a difficult time completing common-sense tasks in the real world. This goes to mean that it is more of a supporting tool than a human intelligence and inventiveness replacement. Instead, it helps to spot possible consequences of each human action and make more efficient decision-making proceeding, since it processes and analyses loads of data far more swiftly than a human brain.

Increase in business productivity

Bare in mind that with such an enormous strength comes some sort of weakness. Hence, there are pitfalls to such an eye watering wonder of a tool. And Because it is a big transformation to a company’s operations, there are likely to be mishaps and confusion especially in planning, application and implementation. For example, feeding it wrong, too little or too much data could result to endless pages of mostly-unimportant findings, instead of clear, actionable results.

AI is not a replacement for human capabilities.

There are different types of AI technology. Therefore it is left for you to choose what type is necessary for your business to avoid possible problems. When choosing an AI technology, build a list and frame a sense of what it is expected to do for your company. Make sure to understand your industry, business size and requirements. Identify benefactors, various goal limits, and welcome preferences and suggestions. Also be aware that it is not a static infrastructure, it needs updating, revisiting every now and then just as much as your social media presence.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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