Motherhood; A long old journey.


Oh awake! Oh morning skies! 
The day to sing is now.
The steps of a million journey still walks.

My little feet along the floor,
Has found my face once again to fondle with,
To wake mama from a deafening dream.
Showing me the way while half asleep,
I seat calmly, releasing the memories of the previous day,
Knowing those tiny steps will never leave, in every new day.
But will grow mightily, to stand in for me. 

Motherhood! oh straight and free.
A guide to those who wander aimlessly,
A friend of unforgotten times.
Serving, accomplishing and persevering,
Life, simpler, better and richer. 
And because I loved her deeply, 
She contained a flaming fire in my deep.

My empty space has become a playground of laughter.
A journey, filled with many stopovers,
With questions maturing at every passing,
And answers, competing as it escapes.
Calculating my right from my wrong like a trader.

With heart busting with all shades of love,
And fearless to the mystery ahead,
She can tell that I am in it to raise her shoulders,
To reckon with her force.
To be a proud mother in her hood,
And an obedient driver, along her path.

Motherhood! Oh so gentle, yet so strong.
A comforting cushion by my corner.
A guiding light during my every decision.
A long old journey, never to be forgotten.
Dependable, respectful, grounded and,
Always patient in my foolishness. 

You have my total respect! 
X pj

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