My Beloved Nigeria

A Grateful Cry

I love my country because, when the earth gives her, she gives me in return. She gives me the land I walk on, The bread that I eat, The air that I breath, The shelter that covers my dwelling and an identity.

She makes sure to keep it warm and not so cold. Makes sure to provide, Makes sure to prevent disasters and Keeps conflicts minimal. 

I will not curse her. I will not hate her. I will not abandon her. I will not steal from her. I will not chastise her people but will wave her flag.

She gives me a diverse race I learn from. A people of love and strength. A people with many delicacies. A people with fascinating attires. A people with morals and values. A people with strong history and tradition. People who care and respect the old.

Hence, I will love her people. Intercede for her people, Speak well of her people, Encourage her people, Fight with her people and Unite with her people.

She is my country and I will forever stand with her.

Everybody’s Nigeria is My Nigeria.

X pj.

A country so rich

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  1. This episode is a master piece. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is a great country and every Nigerian should read this. Well done. Dr. Billy Agha

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