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House Hosting Business

Have you thought of hosting people in your home for a couple of days, maximum of five days or less? Right there is another way to make money. You already have a home and every other appliances, so why not! Read to the end to understand better.

Some people want to visit a city so badly but the only thing stopping them is the inability to pay for a chalet or hotel. This is were you come in, a solution for a demand. If you generally love hosting people, having guests from the village or from wherever place for a few days in your home, then I think you should turn your interest into a business, a side hustle. Besides, you will get some money, company and exposure doing what you love. Hence, you will be exposed to people from different tribes and works of life. 

The cheapest hotel may run into three zeros per night, but yours could be two zeros and you just might be shocked that your smiles, pleasantries, cleanliness, friendliness, cuisines and entertainments will keep your customers longer than the hotels. Common, who does not love a friendly and generous reception.

A clue: for example, it could be as simple as hosting a colleague or a friend’s friend or relative who lives on the mainland but wants to stay on the island or an abuja settler who wants to visit lagos for a day or two, in order to attend a function or crusade or just a time off from family or work. Bed, breakfast and room cleaning can come with a regular fee, while lunch, dinner, snacks, washing of cloths and ironing, tour guide and private transportation; that is if you have a car or motorbike, can come with additional charges. Note; you are in full control, so it is your choice to decide how you want to host.

An Instagram page (your current page not a new page) can help you list your offerings, lay rules and regulations, and connect with new people who have questions. Therefore, guests will be able to know you better and see in pictures the room, environment, types of mouth watering delicacies and mode of transportation; that is if you are mobile.

PS: Do not fear the unknown. Try not to think of the negative part alone. Uber didn’t seem to make sense at first, now we jump into a taxi with a stranger as a driver and sometimes from one or two conversations here and there some drivers have become friends. However, for security purposes, please make sure you are very familiar with who is recommending your first and subsequent guests until you have a solid platform for security checks and maybe a guarantor’s affidavit for complete strangers.

Lets give the hotels a run for their money, shall we. Good luck.

What do you think? What does he think? What does she think? Quick! Talk to a sound mind about this.

I want to read your comments.

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X pj 

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