Walk The Shoe; Should you DRAG your Baby-daddy or Ex husband?



If the shoe fits, wear it.
If it hurts, take it off.
If you think it is a masterpiece,
Show it off to the world.
And when comfortable
Walk elegantly in it.
But when popular amongst the ladies,
Leave it at home.

If it does not fit your attire,
Get a new one.
If it does fit your outfit,
Polish it.
And when it starts to smell,
Leave it in the sun.


If it brings shame,
Hide it with long garments.
When it embarrasses you
Allow the dog snack on it.
And if you think it is deserving,
Stitch the open sole.

When you do not like it on your stand,
Throw it away.
If you think it is old fashioned,
Give it to the one who needs it.
If a buyer cherishes it,
Do not speak of it again.
If you discover it is fake,
Shred it into pieces or forget it.


At the end of it all, Just do you!
Whatever way you decide to rock your boat,
There MUST be consequences.


X pj



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