ONE Nigeria

Bad news fly like a soaring eagle for all to see,
While good news perish to the ground without a witness.
What have we become?

We are quick to lash our brothers and sisters for not being perfect,
Forgetting that it could be our turn tomorrow,
As perfection does not run in our bones,
Just an illusion which steals our self-confidence and pulls us into depression.

We were not created to be better than the other,
Not made to rebuke the weak,
But was made to intercede for the poor,
Built to love one another as oneself.

Nigeria is suffering!
We must come together to ease her pain.
The North, The South, The East, The West,
Must come together as ONE.
We must come together as brothers and sisters,
And protect each other as we do our sons and daughters.

We must hear word now!
For the time to embrace our countrymen is here.
The time to give hugs when they have fallen short is now,
The time to pat ones back to say we have done well is also now,
The hour to say we can do better than we have done has come,
And the moment to say we stand together irrespective of tribe is here.

We must listen to each other so that we do not lose our heritage.
Must respect our traditions and religions so that we do not lose our faith,
And keep our history intact so that we do not lose our identity.
We must love one another just as our motherland.
So that we can in oneness demand for an accountable government,
And when the enemy comes, we will be able to stand together as victors.

We must start to love our country again.
We must begin to speak on her behalf.
We must unite for her very sake.
She deserves it!

ONE Nigeria is all that we need.
And ONE Nigeria is where we are going.




X pj

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