The Money Chaser


Everybody wants money.
Everybody needs money.
No matter how much we try to style it,
We all are in desperate need of it.

You work all week to attain it,
Acquire higher education to seek it,
Build hopes to snatch it,
And dreams to chase it.

You camouflage into who you are not to look like it,
Receive insults to taste it,
Get into a marriage to assure it,
Cut off well wishers to keep it,
And stab friends to steal it.

We become enemies by hiding it,
Tell lies upon lies to beg for it,
Start a war to fight for it,
Point a finger when we have it,
And accuse our neighbours to defend it.


And when you find it,
Irrespective of the long years it stole from us,
We become victorious for a little while.

We must definitely start a new race once again.
You must start walking another intense chapter,
Since we can never stop chasing something of value.

What next are you expected to look for now?.
Cursed till the bones become weak and body frail.
I bid you Good Luck my fellow money chaser.
I wish you farewell in this endless journey.
You are going to get what you give.

X pj

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