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The Unhappy Wife; What about Paul? (Season 1, Episode 5)

Paul had been tidying up his house and surrounding environment in the early hours of the morning, and it was about time he took a bath, a quick shower as he seemed to be in a hurry. After bathing, he creams his body, brushes his hair and, apply’s his eye cream and lip balm on his full lips. Then reaches for the comb, grooms his moustache and the few beards on his chin and lower cheeks. After, he places the comb back on the bathroom shelf, walks towards his bedroom and to the bed were his ironed cloths were laid out. Standing naked by the edge of his bed, he picks up his drawers and slips them on, which followed with his white singlet, then his white shirt and dark blue trousers. Now he looked as though he won a million bucks.


Like a model, he slowly walks further left to the standing mirror which stood against the bedroom wall. While in front of the mirror he gives his reflection a faltering smile as he knots his sky-blue tie. The 6ft trimmed body gentleman fits so well in his attire and he new it.

It has been so long he dressed to impress and also a long time we went far away. Where could he be going to looking as if he was on a date or going to apply for a job. Since his wife died three years ago, Paul lost his aura and charm. He became an introvert and mostly went to the grocery store in his sweatpants. Most people in the neighbourhood had pity on him, as they knew how much he loved his wife. They were the couple everyone talked about and wanted to be like.

“Oh no” he says as he looks at his wristwatch.

Paul was running late. He quickly dashes to the front door, then immediately turns around at the door and runs back into the house to collect his keys. Now in front of the door he locks it, moving quickly away from the house and across the road. He was headed towards Samantha’s house.

“Hello Paul” Samantha says with a charming smile on her face.
“Hi sam” Paul response calmly yet excited. 
“Please come in” she says, standing away from the entrance.

She wasn’t all dressed like Paul, yet the plain blue cotton dress which hung over her slim figure was a sight to behold. Her hair was tucked behind and her kitten heel sandal was just the right fit for the occasion. Also, the table was set with the finest tableware and the food looked deliciously put together.


In a bid to be a better person, Samantha had phoned Paul on her way back from an empty school to apologise for how she had behaved towards him and it was then Paul asked her for a peace offering which she agreed to. After many suggestions back and forth, they finally agreed to meet at her home for an early dinner. It was no stress for Samantha seeing that she loved cooking and she had thought how nice it will be for someone else to eat what she cooked other than herself.

Samantha was all smiles as she walks him towards the dinning table and offers him a seat. Paul was shocked as to what had triggered this “Old Samantha” or was it how charming he looked. His mind couldn’t stop taunting him as he returned a few smiles back at her with a “Thank you”.

“How have you been Paul” she asked as she settles into her seat.
“I have been fine. Working on a new house downtown.
“Oh wow, that sounds interesting.” she said, giving him a raised eyebrow.
“How far have you gone?” Samantha enquired.
“To be honest we are at the starting stage. I have just finished drawing the building’s blueprint. We should commence the foundation next week.
Considering him for a moment, she waits for him to finish talking. “I see things are really looking up for you”
“Yes they are. I guess”, he interrupts hers.

Sipping his wine and at the same time gazing at her from over the wine glass waiting for her to speak, she had become quiet. After a brief moment, he puts the wine glass back on the table, slowly pushes the plate away from him and with a nod he says “By the way, this was delicious”.
“Thank you very much and it was very nice to have you” she murmurs.


Samantha’s voice was so low that Paul wished he sat closer to her. She had only eaten a little from her plate and when she said “let me see you to the door”, Paul’s heart fell into his stomach.
He gently lifts his chin up to peer at her with confusion as Samantha pushes her chair backwards, rises and started walking towards the door.
Seeing that she was approaching the door, he immediately jumps up from his seat, quickening his step behind her. When he got to the door, he reaches out for a peck but she pulls away instead, bringing forward her hand for a friendly handshake.

Paul squeezes her palm. “Thank you for having me” he says once again, tilting his head to the right with a sheepish smile but the irritation was so clear in his voice.
“My pleasure” she retorted, shutting her eyes for a second with a quick smile. Then he suspiciously walks off.


During his unsettling short walk back to his house, Paul’s face was filled with utter disgust. So bad that he didn’t know when he untucked his shirt and spatted severally on the floor. Just as he began to struggle with his tie, he unknowingly yells out angrily “I am going to bury your body in that foundation, you wait and see”. He made sure to yank his tie off before he got to his front door.

To be continued next week… (Season 1, Episode 6)

X pj


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