written series

The Unhappy Wife: Who is Alice? (Season 1, Episode 2)

780d97ff-27e8-4e15-8c45-bf81790c7f54BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! was what she heard that threw her back into reality and out of the bathtub. Without any cloths on she manoeuvres down the geometrical stairs, staggered between the living area and eventually falls on the cold floor when the next “BANG!” followed with an angry loud cry. “The stranger is home again” was what she thought when she eventually picked herself up and slowly moves in the direction of the main doorway. Samantha’s unhappiness had began to settle in as she moved towards the wooden pivot doors.

“Hello”, she says after struggling hard with the door catch. It took her a while to free the door, since all the locks on the security door had been previously bolted. “Is everything okay” Lucia cries out with a mouth full of disgust. It was the look Lucia gave Samantha that made her realised she was without cloths.

“Who is in my house”, she says, looking suspiciously as she enters the doorway. Ignoring the prepared table from across the front room, Lucia searches behind the door and then the curtains, as though an angry husband.


At that moment, Lucia quickens her steps up the stairs and straight into their bedroom. Seeing that the door was wide open, she races through it in hope to find someone there and then locks the door behind her just incase someone was to escape. Thoroughly scrutinising the bedroom, she opens the wardrobe, looks under the bed and then peeps through the bathroom in search of what she did not leave behind or maybe what she was. With no progress, Lucia finds herself next to the empty bedroom window staring away into thin air. It was as if the window was whispering faintly to her hearing. The feeble words and cries of pain were so captivating that she grew closer and closer to it and when she was in its presence, she touches it with her right palm and unknowingly pierces the glass window with her eyes. She could not help wondering if someone or something was behind the window, but she was sure she saw an abandoned farmhouse.


“There you are” echoes from behind her and it was in that instant Lucia redraws from the window’s enchantment. In that minute when she had turned away from the window’s grasp, Samantha was just flicking her hair from the collar of red satin robe she had just thrown over her slender body.

“Dinner is served if you care to have some”, Samantha mumbles after a slight pause.
“I will be downstairs” she say as she hurriedly leaves the room.
She however did not forget to slam the door behind her.

Not interested in what Samantha had said, Lucid takes off her clothes, tosses then on the floor and then sneaks into a well-made bed of white sheets. She hated coming home or maybe it was the house she didn’t like. However, something was different today, something was strange and she could not get past this feeling. She was alone in the room but felt as though someone or something was staring angrily at her presence.


“Alice, Alice, Alice,” her souls cries out. She tried to think of the sensational time she had with her girlfriend, a young model she had only met a month ago, but the little misery which surrounded the entire room and little time she had gotten home kept interrupting the times she had spent with Alice. It was as though the times spent with Alice had began to erase, moments which she thought was safely stored in her head.


Troubled again just in the same way as the previous time she was home, Lucia reaches for the bedside stool in a way that was certain she left something there There was a half bottle of distilled vodka laying in the top drawer, waiting to feel her short fingers. while head raised with the aid of the feather-like pillows, she puts the bottle against her mouth and takes a big gulp and by the time she was done, the empty bottle rolls off her lifeless palm and into the rugged bedroom floor. Lucia had wondered off to a place of triple delight.



X pj.

To be continued next week friday….(Season1, Episode 3)


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