Ending the deadly Trollcan Disease


What is a TROLLCAN?
It is a disease caused by uncurbed abnormal cells which shrinks the functions of the brain, therefore rebooting the mind to react negatively to anything seen online, be it delightful of distasteful.

Who is a TROLLCAN?
Is a person who continuously makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. Also, people who generate spiteful internet platforms to encourage bullying and those who continuously invite unnecessary attention to themselves for the purpose of an online outpour of sympathy or criticism, are not left out.

“She is a Trollcan. He is suffering from Trollcan.” Are you suffering from Trollcan disease? Do you know if this disease lives inside of you? Read more to find out….


If you use words, strength or influence to harm or to intimidate those who are weaker or experience feelings of severe unhappiness and misery or continuously taste failure and suffering in different aspect of your life, without knowing that these shortcomings has an adverse effect on your reasoning and behaviour, then you need immediate help. You are a TROLLCAN! It is advisable to check oneself to a nearby shrink or go quickly to a nearby hospital. Just so you know, this is not a case of malaria or typhoid but one with similar characteristics as cancer. As it will destroy you!

Besides the giants and the dwarfs – names used to identify patients severely suffering from this disease at its worse stage – those who are making a livelihood off online platforms that encourage internet trolls are no different from them but are in between stages of this fatal illness. These platforms are as though a meeting of zombies, a place where people get injected with venoms of darkness and hate, so as to bring the worst out of them, while the operator’s bank accounts rollover in millions. After much consideration, I can say that one of the major symptoms of this illness, aside from the regeneration of constant anger, holding idiosyncratic beliefs and wastefulness of time, is a total disconnect from the faculty of consciousness which regenerates wealth. Hence, it reduces the mind’s capacity to think financially or productively.


Do online haters know the amount of traffic which eventually leads to moneymaking from every attack and dispute caused in the comment section. How about you TROLLCANS demand for a monthly or weekly pay, or free giveaways for contributing on a page mainly existing to shame others. Are you working without being paid? Your employer might as well offer small tokens for this hideous job and when your demands are not met, “Seatdon look as they say na dog work”.

Tolling is a sickness! It can lead to death. There is noting fun about it,
neither does it have the capacity to change an unfavourable situation. X pj

Also to those who constantly need to be relevant through the most shallow form of recognition, just to ignite the worst of them to feed off a topic, as though bees reuniting in a beehive, are in an advanced stage of the Trollcan than gossip platforms operators, because not only are the trolls dicing the topic after a hundredth time, The Giants and The Dwarfs are making lives more questionable for those seated at home who are tired of these overall madness. The frenzy that it would cause not only on social media platforms but in a spectator’s home and way of reasoning.

Are these set of humans not supposed to be in a revaluation room? A need for clarity?


Be it a plate of white rice and meat stew, a Trollcan see’s something utterly wrong with the picture. It is either the table is not large enough, the cutlery is worn out, the set table is too small, the tablecloth is not white enough. Is that a ceiling fan I see? or why the food was pictured from a certain angle or why the windows are shut and the complains goes on and on and on. Nothing anyone does is good enough for them, yet they are built with all the imperfection money cannot buy.

“Quit the hateful comments and focus on rebuilding what was lost.
Focus your energy on handwork as success requires hard work. hence, find your spirit.” X pj

On a lighter note, the less you engage the more you get well. Try to hold off those itchy fingers and dreadful opinions. However, getting well from advanced Trollcan disease is like beating stage IV cancer. It is as though a cocaine addict who refuses to accept he or she has an addiction problem. This year and subsequent years to come, choose not to judge and insult people from a place of ignorance. Opinions without proper knowledge is not necessary, even if the comment section can accommodate uncontrolled excitement and wild behaviour. Just as planet earth does not have to explain to anybody why the sun sets or why the night comes after the day, it is the same way people are not expected to explain themselves when doubt arises in the minds of the public and therefore.

X pj


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