TEMPER; The Evil that She Is.

No one wants to be wrong, 
No one likes being told what to do,
It might bring immense discomfort, 
But it is okay to shake it off.

When temper comes knocking, 
Leave the door locked,
Seal the windows, 
And if possible switch off the electricity supply. 
Then she will know nobody is home.
Only then will she take her leave.

Peeping through the window blinds in fear, I see her slowly walking away and then disappears into thin air. Thankfully, she never tampers with the properties outside my home. However, this left my neighbours in awe and a sour taste in my mouth. But yet she comes again with new tricks, hoping to take over my soul at the slightest.

The first time she was allowed in, she destroyed the television, threw a knife at me which I missed, but slammed my head against the wall. And when my eyes were opened once again, I was on a hospital bed fighting for my dear life.

The last time she came crying as though an abandoned baby without food, my heart felt pity just as I was going to pull down the handle of the electricity box. In that moment when I paused, I decided to give her another chance. To allow her inside of me again, to watch her retaliate, feeding off the anger that was boiling inside of me.

Oh boy! If only I knew what tomorrow brings, I won’t be here today seating in jail with  dead skin on my upper and lower body and a scar in my belly. That night, when she came in yet again, she dug a nine-inch kitchen knife into my stomach after beating me severely. Then, burnt down my entire house with me inside.

On bail in a new home acquired through insurance and a visit every Wednesday at the hospital to dress my burnt wounds, she has yet again resurfaced at the front of my door, dressed as a homeless old lady and pleading to allow herself inside my body.

Not only will I shut down my home to protect my life but I will also go down on my knees in prayers to rebuke her temptress sight from ever coming my way again. In hope that I will be stronger when temptation comes my way, either through strangers or the one I love.


The words might be hurtful, 
The words might be shameful,
To my ears and the other ear who hears it,
But I will be strong,
I will be careful, I will be wise,
And eventually walk away with some little pride.
Anything will I certainly do, so as not to encounter her again.

Oh Temper! You are not welcomed here again, for you might take my life this time.

X pj


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