The Human Trafficking Business; Limiting this Barbaric Act


The fall of any man has always been the making of his brother. X pj

The trade of humans for the suppose of forced labour, extraction of human organs, commercial sexual exploitation or forced marriages, are actions which involves persuading someone to do something by either using force, threats or manipulations in other to benefit from their work. Therefore, it is fair to say that slavery is a major component of human trafficking. The purchase and illegal movement of persons within a country or transnational, which violates the victims right of movement and right to life has been condemned by international conventions to be a crime against the individual and humanity.

Despite the fact that tough new laws have been enacted to stop buying and selling of human beings, second to arms deals, human trafficking is the most lucrative business and one of the most highly organised crime in the world till date, even with its highly secured means of operations and secretive buying power. Force labour alone generated an estimate of $150 billion in 2014 with over 21 million victims trapped in modern-day slavery in the US, as stated by the international labour organisation (ILO).


Why then is it so difficult to crack down these invisible operations which has displaced millions from their dreams, ended lives and the right to freely exist. I can categorically say the difficulties stems from the internet and people in power. In recent times, the internet has become an effective network through which undisclosed websites engage in the illegal display and purchase of trafficked human beings and essential body parts from the shadow market. An avenue which effects the action of transacting human sale and delivery with ease.

In addition, similarly to the overly condemned slave trade, the purchase of human beings especially women and young children for forced prostitution and marriage, amongst organ extraction, is still one of the most ruthless, yet overnight means of extreme wealth enjoyed by powerful individuals. If truly Anti-human trafficking entities and government bodies were solely bent on ending this inhumane act, its operation would have taken a significant dive into the rocks by now. Hands are tied, mouths are silenced and families are threatened for a smooth operation which runs into billions. Unfortunately, the same people who claim to protect us are strongly on this chain of command. One then wonders if these perpetrators are human beings or animals meant to be locked in a donjon, never to be allowed to roam the streets again, since they lack the human qualities of compassion and mercy.


This deliberately cruel and vicious act is less considered as a topic of concern in Nigeria today, because we are already facing so much manmade hardship that takes a considerable amount of our time. Therefore, the public hardly remember the issues outside their grasps. We hear stories of missing persons and when human parts are recovered by the police from a set of robbers or spiritualist, never do we even think of how, why or when he or she was abducted. Trafficked for either forced services or organ extraction, we never think of the process involved in abducting these people.

There must have been a procedure or channel of forcefully taking people against their will, which those victims fell for and this can happen to anybody, even to our loved ones. Nevertheless, human trafficking does not necessary involve the movement of persons from one place to another, as it could presently be happening in our homes without sufficient knowledge from other residents. Purchasing a person for either labour or services through coercion, force or fraud occurs in our immediate surroundings everyday. For that reason, we have to be observant, publicly revealing and condemning these unlawful and unethical practises.


This is a call to be vigilant of our surroundings, educate oneself of the likely methods used by perpetrators and to also lecture our young ones on the likely tricks used by the people who carry these harmful, illegal and immoral act. Hence, the considerable knowledge and activities of human trafficking has to be disclosed more often with zero tolerance initiatives, if we intend on limiting this barbaric act.

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