The Lion and The Bull; A fight not to be missed

Since the advent of our democracy, citizens at the lowest of the pyramid are yet to receive the gains attached to a democratic society due to the many setbacks positioned in fragile entities of the society. In recent times however, it has become evident that the poorest people who are the majority of the land can now choose the course of their destiny by electing presidential candidates who put on a great fight with promising manifestos for their votes. With clearer mission and vision required from applicants, the time for exuberant french and excellent Irish has finally sailed into the deep blue sea. Now, here comes the battle of two well-fleshed untamed beasts known to be stubborn, fierce and dangerous from the second-largest continent that is Africa, particularly from a region called Nigeria, publicly declaring to ascend or reclaim the highest seat in the land. These two popular black men, although old and hungry for power and a choice which has tied the hands of most Nigerians are fighting to rule a people already disappointed by previous and recent administrations.


All hail The Lion and The Bull” was echoed by the announcer as people cheered and clamoured on from the entirely sold out stadium. This was the most anticipated battle in the lips of many during the last six months. As the announcement serenaded the viewers ears from the loud speakers, marvellously horned and impressively potent bull who never deviates from a fight stands waving his mighty charged horns. Whereas, the lion gave a disturbing loud roar, impressively showing off his sharp, pointed canine teeth. The boastful sounds with great arrogance, although empty but necessary was an important show-off of strength. A competitive strategy from both parties to agitate each other into either throwing the other under the bus or an approach to raise doubts in the minds of the opposition. However, instilling hope in supporters. A chant for a leader who believes in diversifying the economy, increasing state government powers and borrowing less from international bodies and amongst many others pervades the airwaves. With a stadium filled with people hungry for a realistic leadership with experience, capacity, intelligence and technical knowhow for an economy in desperate need of reviving, we hope not for a stampede once a winner is announced.


The same face for “Change” and the new face of “Get Nigeria Working Again” or should we joke a little when we say “The Change” and “The Bureau De Change” are candidates with relevant experience for the job. Individuals whom we should affix our eyes and lower our ears prior to the coming elections. This is most certainly a sensitive but crucial battle were we are hopeful the best man wins without any sort of biased judgements or chaos that can undermine the people’s choice. It is however undeniable to say that upon announcing Atiku as PDP presidential candidate, the joy amongst Nigerians till date have significantly increased. He is particularly seen as a great contender with a capacity and popularity to beat the incumbent. Nevertheless, not recognised as “The Messiah”. Many are now confident that the race would be a tough one, difficult to manipulate. While, some also fear for their lives, daunted by the magnitude of the power these two upholds. Stating a clear task to ensure decent living and job provision as a means of living in peace and creating wealth across the country is a straightforward plan to begin in a country that has fallen beyond its expectations is declared by the lion.


Aside from restructuring and diversifying tools for economic growth, the lion also speaks on women empowerment. A highly sensitive but feasible process of allowing women to become stronger and more confident in controlling their own lives as opposed to “women belong in the other room”. A proverbial which rocked the nation into confusion at the hour it was uttered. However, a statement which should not be taken seriously due to its context.


More so, reviving a run-down economy in less than four years is less practicable and I think Buhari as well Atiku both have the best interest of the people at heart to some degree. And if the bull is given a second chance to further fight corruption and amend some of his plan of actions that were unproductive, he just might effect the “change” he promised. In-spite of everything known and unknown, we hope the struggle for power between these two will not be taken passionately in their hearts for either personal gains or immediate communal development that will be non-beneficial to the masses at large.

All in all, we cannot wait to see that infuriating half-smile on their faces when introduced before the commencement of the match. Tell me, who is not delighted to watch these frightful monstrous beast fight for power. The lion has been king of the jungle for far too long now and just maybe the bull has some tricks up his sleeves to want to contest for power this time around with a more sizeable contender.


During this fight, we expect the bull to paw the ground before charging, thrusting his horns in an upward movement as he advance forcefully towards his meal. With immense impatient like a hungry husband and an attack which is most likely to take prisoners along its course, we are restlessly eager to see how the large and vicious lion will position in the ring as the thrusting horns of the bull approaches. The lion might be fast, fierce and strong, but the sluggish bull with impetuous horns that can withstand a mighty blow if positioned appropriately makes it an unpredictable fight. The first strike would be a sight to behold, a retold manoeuvre for centuries to come.

How is the bull planning for such a challenge? A provocation well anticipated by many. The masses are interested like never before seen or heard. We are watching.

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