5 Phrases to Reconsider

1. “Do you know who I am?”

This pronouncement indicates a power struggle, which eventually leads to unfairness and discrimination. If you are to use these group of words in a complicated or disturbing scenario, it therefore insinuates you know of a fact that you are less of what you are trying to attract. Real power is silent, cannot be gained and never can it be lost. It is not a commodity, it is who you are. Power announces itself and wealth does not speak a word. A person does not have to make an appearance or state a position that is already known. Aside from being narrow-minded, publicly saying “do you know who I am” during an argument shows low levels of self-worth; zero to the bank, mentality and community.

   2. “From nothing to something”

I dislike the phrase “from nothing to something” because it brings quite a confusion  when explaining sets of circumstances to the other ear. Why would a person describe oneself as being nothing? You were only a seed that had the potential to blossom. Hence, if you were “nothing” you will remain as “nothing”, since nothing comes out of nothing and do not mistake “Empty” for “Nothing”. Nothing and empty are comparable words in this context, yet very different. Better to say you were “empty to be filled over-again”. Empty here signifies a presence of something, someone that is you.

My dear you have always been something and if truly you were “Nothing” you will not be reading this.

   3. “Anything will do”

This is the lowest acceptance for oneself. Everyone should have a worth even if it sounds obnoxious to the next ear. By so doing, “anything wont do”. “This” or “That” will certainly do. Learn to state your worth, responsibilities and how people should treat you. Firm on your choices, instead of someone calling the shots on your behave, as it eventually makes you small. These are consequential choice of words which comes crushing your self-esteem and dwarfing your confidence level as you run along with people.

   4. “Fake it till I make it”

NO no no to this one! You do not have to fake it till you make it, because you will only think you have made it with that same lying mentality when you finally have so little. There is nothing as being one-true-self at the same time as pushing forward for wishes desired. You cannot be a fraud to yourself and the public at the same time, and expect not to falter when it seems as though you have finally made it. A racing car crashes at its slightest, while a vehicle on speed limits maneuvers obstruction with ease.

These words only encourage self-deceit. It only invites deception, a lie that is as glaring as the morning skies to spectators. Therefore, it is better to take little steps forward, without pressures than to be something you are not. Such headaches bring strains to your thinking faculty and finally on how you see the world. Only a handful of people really care, so just do you to the best of your abilities. There is absolutely no need to be somebody that is not you and if you intend to, for how long will you wear discomforting costumes? and for how long are you willing to hold your breath? You just might not make it.

   5. “You only live once”

Truth be told, we only live once. However the terminology is biased which mostly mean we are expected to live without acknowledging the consequences of our actions. Most times When this slogan is professed it leads to awkwardly bragging. Therefore, it is with strong advise to disregard these words if one intends to act in a more responsible manner. A cautious behaviour that will eventually become beneficial to the person.

We are the hero’s of our own life and what we say matters to the direction to which we intend to apply. So therefore, we must be very careful with our utterances. 

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