Women Empowerment; Understanding Feminism.

The word feminism has such a negative connotation, a controversial topic similar to an argument of if God is a woman. Confused as to were these ideas originated from and why there are structured preconceived thoughts and opinions against women, I sought people’s understanding of feminism and women empowerment and was marvelled at the responses which followed with groans and eyes rolling conveying displeasure. It was shot down with anger by men and even women themselves. I then realised feminism was greatly misunderstood. Do debaters truly understand the meaning and objectives associated with being an advocate of women empowerment? and are they also aware that you do not have to be a woman to be feminist. Therefore, it is with great relief, even if it is frown upon, that I announce to you that a MAN can also bear a feminist flag.


While empowering women is a main component of feminism, is it however not all about a lady paying for her dinner during a romantic date. Contrary to what a lot of uninformed people think, feminism is not a radical idea. It is a movement set to support the equality of women and actively train women to accept non-traditional values and fight traditional standards that keep women unequal. The advocacy of women rights on the strings of equality of the sexes is not a witch-hunt against men, punishing men for making women victims, rather it reflects women’s libration and female emancipation. Similarly, women empowerment does not signify an obligation for every woman to strive to achieve a CEO position or become president.

Hence, the feminist movement does not focus on improving the world for just women alone but for society’s benefit as a whole. It is a move for people to retain critical standpoint and valuing diversity which ultimately allows an impartial place for the members of the gentle sex. Also, women must not forget that “gender roles” also affects men too. So there is no reason in over-flogging the dead donkey that symbolises men as superior beings by the society.


Therefore, attaching oneself to a movement or rebuking a course due to lack of proper knowledge and understanding only allows room for misrepresentation and false utterances. Just as I would say, carrying the feminist title like an emblem should signify better judgement during sensitive cases between genders, so as not to come off looking misleading or tasting sour. Instead, the hypothesis of “men and women are deserving of equal social, political and economic rights” should be acknowledged and practised by all.

That being said, women are so far strong and have proven overtime of having the capabilities of being successful at home and in various career fields. Therefore, empowering women is not an idea to make her mentally and physically stronger, preach hate towards men or should she receive special treatment on a task for just being a woman. It is basically an awareness to treat her fairly because she is also human. The source of the general public, origin of the acclaimed superior being and not as described by Aristotle to be an “Inferior deformed male”.

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