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Reasons not to have children: Limiting the epidemic of Child Abuse.

To have or not to have children is one of the most important decisions a person is expected to make in life. Contrary to popular belief, not all women love babies. Therefore, not all women are supposed to conceive a child or bring one into existence in any form. A particular group of women are of the opinion that leading a life towards higher ranks and having it all does not signify “having a baby”, while others believe that they will not be good parents, since they lack patient and parenting skills. Some say that not having children was the best decision they had ever made.

Kudos to you if you fall in this category, as it is better to accept one’s weakness than dance to societal music, which eventually turns a right thinking person into the neighbourhood clown. I for one think that becoming servants to something much greater is the single greatest thing that can ever happen to anyone, as children change the perspective on everything including the world. Aside from the fact that children makes you happier and more flexible, build up your muscle and regulate eating habits, they make you extremely concerned of the future. In the company of children, one exercises the necessary appreciation, tolerance, self-control, understanding and contentment that being a father, mother or guardian requires.


However, instead of increasing the already terrible epidemic of child abuse, it is better not to have children or assume childcare responsibilities. Mentally, physically and sexually abusing young children or planning on using them as insurance for future financial gains is a terrible mental picture, which must be brought to an end in anyway possible.

Hence, the outcomes of child abuse which mostly result in both short and long term injury, or even death can be drastically avoided. Family violence, physical maltreatment, sexual molestation, organised sexual pursuit and child neglect are sets of circumstances that can be prevented if individuals are not interested in having children. The widespread occurrence of this undesirable phenomena has been planted so deep in the ground, so much so that parents go as far as burning, beating and breaking bones or belittling, restraining, physically killing and sexually exploiting young children. Despicable acts which ultimately leads to emotional trauma or death of these young victims.


In addition, the abandonment of infants by unmarried or very poor mothers in cities, increased child labour and exploitation of children from rural areas in urban elite families and abuse of children in urban nuclear families by childminders, has pushed substantial limits in past times and will soon force open regrettable barriers, if we repeatedly fail to address this outbreak. Studies have shown that one in twenty children are physically abused every year, roughly one in four girls and one in eight boys.

Every year numerous reports of child abuse, misuse and exploit abound worldwide with little attention received, owning to weak child protection structures, such as inefficient judicial processes and lack of sexual and physical offenders rehabilitation programs. However, the growing rate of child abuse is mostly attributed to poverty, corruption, absentmindedness, negative attitude of parents, and a considerable neglect of reporting child abuse cases. A situation that is highly due to the outcome and prevalence of abnormal interactions between the child, guardians and society.


Aside from improving the educational systems and judicial institutions in a way which would be beneficial to reducing the menace of child abuse, it can also be curtailed to a greater degree if people who either do not have any business with or love children, refrain from conceiving or taking roles as guardians. If you cannot tolerate children, do not give birth by reasons of social pressure, as it is a great responsibility that can turn any right thinking person into an dangerous animal if he or she lacks concrete moral intentions for applying the path of motherhood or fatherhood.

Here are some reasons why you should consider carefully before having or being a guardian to children. You should not have babies if you are adamant about your freedom, like to sleep a lot, have an extreme low tolerance for physical and psychological pain, you think “Don’t put that in your mouth” phrase is uncalled for and like to spend money on yourself. Also, on the condition that you have a liking for your personal space, keen on maintaining and keeping your living areas tidy and neat, with glass tops, sharp corners and fancy decorations, hold in esteem your present circle of friends who do not have children, enjoy engaging in adult conversations, regard with disgust uninvited counsel from unknown persons and think that the only person who should examine human faeces is someone wearing a lab coat.


In addition, do not have children if you lack patience, like to be alone most times, like to travel and travel light, hate the idea of paying thousands for someone else’s tuition, extreme emotions frighten you or highly regard your emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and mental health. If you dislike the heavy task of shaping another human being, enjoy spontaneous outings with friends, obsessed with your job and love things to stay exactly the way they are with your partner. Furthermore, please avoid being a parent if you do not like to share everything you own, prefer your iPhone screen to be free of crack and smudge, strongly believe certain body parts should remain perky, intact without stretch marks. Also, supposing that you are the person who needs to be dragged off the dance floor at the end of every event, fond of your current shoe collection with an extensive designer wardrobe which you do not intend to ruin or destroy in an unnecessary way and keen on shutting the bathroom door when making use of it. These are just some of things a person has to sacrifice for another human and some people are not willing, a choice that must be respected.


Whatever reason/s you think might make you a child abuser, pay close attention to it. If possible make sure to overcome such habits or issues before thinking of becoming a parent. Wanting to become a parent should not begin and end with the ideas of wanting to carry on a family name and values, just because you admire other parents, social pressure, family expectations or be it the human biology of reproduction, as there are unfavourable conditions associated with this image. This depiction of being a parent is not all rosy, bloomy with blue skies, considering that it simultaneously includes poor sleeping and eating habits, high stress levels, unhappiness, economic and environmental impact, marital issues and health issues, which can permit a person to dislike the idea of being a biological parent. For this reason, you have to be mentally, physically and emotional ready for change and the ability to withstand this new life of uncertainty, so as not fall into regrets, taking it out on the innocent child. BE ADVISED

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