How to keep your Partner Happy; 4 special Habits/Attempts people neglect.

Well, there are no guarantees in life on how to keep your partner happy, but there are a few things you can bend in your favour to make him or her happy and yourself as well. What your partner especially wants, is for you to be into him or her, without being tied to a specific need or want. Below are a few special habits and attempts people in relationships neglect, thinking that it doesn’t add any sauce to the relationship plate.

Show appreciation at all times.

We tend to impose upon those we love the most, but there is an extent of risk tied to taking advantage or becoming too familiar with your partner, as this could lead to emotional dissatisfaction. When men do not feel appreciated by their wives they are easily distracted by another person, especially a lady who showers him with adoration. Lack of appreciation leads to vulnerability of your better half. Make sure to keep score of all the positive things your partner has done in a short period and tell him or her “Thank you”. At some point appreciation becomes a norm between you two, since it is freely given every other day. This act of kindness is reciprocated and whenever actions and sweet words of kindness and appreciation is given or uttered, it completely fills the soul and erases any doubt.

Also, show gratitude by going out of your way sometimes. Be kind and think of something you can do to make your partner happy. The both of you must continuously try to make each other contented, whether by offering an eye watering meal when all you desired was to lay in bed, watching soccer with him when you fancied a romantic movie or taking her to the salon when you were supposed to meet up with the boys. Besides, gift something you think he/she really needs or sometimes just spoil your partner with a surprise. Such gestures would leave sweet lasting impressions about your partner and it will keep you both in a pleasant mood.

Maintain intimacy and passion.

Intimacy comes in many forms and not just subjected to sex alone. Conversations, cuddling, a moonlight walk on the beach and displaying affection during difficult times are elements of intimacy and passion. Bedroom and behind four walls habits should not be the only place to kiss your partner, hold hands or give a spank on the butt. Show fondness, warmth and passion inside the home and outside, amongst strangers and friends. There may be no stronger aphrodisiac than showing intimacy in public places. It assures you of your partner and leaves a lasting impression on strangers. A feeling which keeps your spouse smiling all through a day or night out. By doing this the both of you have disregarded what is seen as normal or healthy, since you are just living and enjoying the moments. A magical attraction which keeps you soaring. It is instances like this that resounds in your mind when your better half is away from you.

Encourage relationships outside your partner.

Owing to the fact that you need some distance for a healthy relationship, short trips outside your relationship are very important. Be it a girl’s or boy’s trip, take weekends away with friends. Give him or her time to miss you. Also, exchanging tales with friends and taking delight in new experiences makes you a more interesting person, as it would allow you have captivating stories to share with him or her. One of the secrets to be happy in a relationship it to spend time apart, as phone conversations becomes more romantic and your absence would make him or her reflect on some of the things that makes you that special person.

Keep up your appearance.

The “wow” factor is also an important remedy in keeping your partner happy. Looking the path is very important at all times and should not be a thing you only do when you are about to leave the house. Ditch the sweatpants, wear lovely housecoats and lingerie around the house instead. Brush your teeth and comb your hair securely at all times. Please don’t look like a masquerade because your are at home. Think about when you first met your partner, how you were when he approached you should be how you should always look. Although not exactly, it should be to some degree. All I am saying is do not change your appearance into a laid back “pillow couch”, as it will cause disastrous repercussions. Pay your spouse the same courtesy of fixing your looks, as you do for your friends when you are getting ready for a day or night out.

I hope this finds you well.
Thank you for reading my blog.

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