What does it mean to eat in your dream?

For the purposes of this article, imagine this scenario. A young lady finds herself eating rice and chicken stew in a wedding party and all of a sudden everywhere becomes dark and empty. Now the lady realised she was unhappy seating on an old bench on a road side with some old women, were the dream comes to an end.

Dreams are very hard to interpret and I think most times culture and tradition has a very big role to play when interpreting these dreams. The sequence, feelings and curiosity must be put into consideration during interpretation. There is never one meaning to any dream as they might be similar but are never the same.
One thing I am certain of is how the dream ends. If it ends in a good note then I would think it is a positive dream, whilst if it ends in a bad note I would think it is a negative dream, regardless of its content. The content of the dream is something no one can really assure you of, but if you take time out to evaluate it by yourself coupled with the meaning that was presented to you by someone else, you just might finally understand it.

Another thing to consider is how you felt in the dream. There are emotions attached to some specific scenario in a dream, which is out of your control and I think those scenes are very helpful when interpreting your dream. Sometimes we become curious in our dreams for no reason by either questioning some happenings or feeling a sense of sadness, happiness or guilt. Considering that our dreams gives room for assumption- you don’t see everything but sometimes imagine that it is so. This means our subconscious from our waking life is mostly present in our dreams.

Finally, if similar dream continues over a time frame, you must pay attention to it, as it might be a good or warning sign of something in your waking life which needs immediate awareness or attention.

With regards to eating in your dream in this part of the world, Nigeria to be precise, people interpret it as a bad omen. However, the type of food, the status of the cutlery, environment, reason for the meal and other elements play a big role when coming to a conclusion. Though the above story is fictional, it serves to illustrate the difference between various types of Interpretation.

Eating” alone cannot be the centre of a detailed interpretation, as most people are only concerned about the consumption of food. Since the dream went from celebration to unhappiness, I think it might be a change in a phase of your life. The dream just might be telling you that you will be happy and celebrated in your youth and alone and sad in your old age. Thus, this might be in an area of your love life, profession or family relationships. I advise that you take it seriously by reasserting your waking life of where you are the happiest now and make sure not to hinder it with future disagreements or uncertainty, because the dream ended with sadness.

This is my take on the topic. What does this type of dream mean to you? Have you witnessed an experience or aftermath of a similar dream? Or do you have some questions? Please leave your comments below!

Thank you for taking time out to read my post, I bet you have learnt a thing or two. If you have enjoyed reading this post I recommend you read another one, you might enjoy it even more.

X pj


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