Assurance vs Accolade [The Musician and The Headmaster]

Recently, I typed in the word ‘Assurance” on Google and the first information on there was Davido’s video of the song “Assurance”, before an overview of Leadway Assurance LTD. A Nigerian company, which through its underwriting commitments has offered customers reliable assurance policies for over many decades. Therefore, I am still slightly confused as to what type of assurance Davido aka OBO is declaring. Allow me to enlighten you a little on what assurance means, since it has now become a word thrown around more than usual. Assurance “is a positive declaration intended to give confidence to a promise.”

Davido’s fantastic gesture of gifting his girlfriend a Porsche on her birthday just in time for the release of his new music “Assurance”, which was also dedicated to her, was definitely a sign and the magnitude of his current heart desire, regardless of whatever I or anyone thinks. In the week this events unfolded, it dropped like a bomb on people’s relationships, made media personalities sing like a bird on radio and TV, prompted hilarious social media memes and comments, and sent knees on the bare floor with eyes closed in prayer. Although, I am still not clear as to what particular kind of assurance he offered his girl Chioma in this context to warrant an outcry. If it was an open declaration of his sincere undying love then I am a fan, but if it was all about the Porsche unveiling and music debut, then he clearly does not understand the meaning of assurance. But then again his intensions might be sincere and the entire car unveiling ceremony might have been an act to promote his song. I think that must be it! As she would now drive in a vehicle licensed “Assurance” everywhere she goes, promoting his music till it fades off. What happened to “Chioma” as a plate number? Or maybe the vehicle licensing office ran out of it! Oh well, my mind is here again playing tricks on me.

But I for one think that Davido is a very pleasant man even though i am yet to met him. He might seem as hot tempered and loud mouthed via social media but I see a soul that is decorated with beautiful scented flowers irrespective of him fathering children from different women, which I also think is his cup of tea and can add any amount of milk and honey to his drink. Why? because so far he has portrayed himself as a caring loving father to his children, which is an ultimate attribute he has bestowed upon himself. Therefore, portraying himself as a role model to emulate for aspiring, young-single and married fathers. Secondly, I hear he is super generous to his artist and the people around him. A one of a kind musician who believes in uplifting and empowering people, and in the benefits of humility. However, he does not run away from a fight whenever he smells a rat or if you dare him.

Kudos to the musician who has now given people a reason to openly praise their girlfriends and wives. In a fast paced world were deception and selfishness are a norm, people are now able to see it as a thing of pride and nothing to be ashamed of when they publicly tell their loved ones something positive, to dispel any present and future doubt. The people love him, his fans love him, his father loves him, his babygirl loves him, his children loves him and his mother will be proud. However, this is not a complete scenario of our president. In comparison the majority does not love him but mostly accommodate him, at least for now. So why the accolades?. By the way, accolade “is meant to be an acknowledgement of merit or an award or privilege granted as a special honour to an outstanding person.” So, were does the headmaster fit into this premise for one to conclude him as a person befitting of this honour. Well, I will tell you why.

Contrary to popular belief, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR is working to the best of his ability, but just not as swift as the majority thought he would when we desperately stood for “change”- a political slogan that promised a difference in the standard of living and an end to government malpractices. He is not a dictator, therefore he must follow the guidelines of a democratic society before the passage and implementation of any agenda. Hence, prompt decisions are very unlikely as it would still have to be approved by the legislative arm of the government, which is mostly occupied by diverse people with different views.

I would say his intensions were and are good based to his repeated resilience to acquire power for a better Nigeria, but the dishonest conduct which has eaten deeply into our systems would rather take a united voice to uproot than a single man. It is expected to be very difficult for him to overcome corruption in a limited amount of time as this mis-conduct trail in Nigeria is further than the coastline between our country and China. The commencement on the fight against corruption by his administration, which I think was heavily biased by politicians and handling officers, was earlier promising but subsequently mismanaged. Did someone loot it for some other person to steal it?.
Just as much as we need his intervention the headmaster desperately requires our support and this is also applicable to anyone who ascends the office of the president. Therefore, the people must show support and endure some suffering before freedom of hardship begins, since corruption which is a heavy burden that is unfortunately a way of life in this nation is welcomed at all levels.

Well, I know for a fact that is it highly unlikely to transform a dwindling nation in less than four years, but the emergence of proper and sustainable structures and processes would have made his administration seem more reasonable than it appears. Although, I am aware of some of the satisfactory accomplishments his administration has achieved so far and will also commend him particularly for the many bright minds occupying strategic positions in his administration. The senate has so far passed some interesting and productive bills, one of which is the company registration reform that allows aspiring business owners forge ahead with a better and easier registration process. Hence, eliminating the difficulties associated with starting a new business and fending for oneself. Besides that, the headmaster placed restrictions on oil production license, making oil block owners more vigilant, keeping careful watch of the possibility of loosing their rights if official procedures becomes subjective. These reforms that I particularly like if implemented properly would protect the major source of our revenue and provide more sources of income streams through diversification. For this reason, accordingly offer credit for integrity to his office as it is almost impossible to effective rule and implement reforms in a nation like Nigeria, since there are many captains to this ship. The headmaster does deserve some accolades, a type befitting his status.

Running a corrupt and diminishing country like ours obviously needs a person with sound health and mind. However, the constant news about his health has alarmed us severally with the thought that our headmaster is not medically fit for the tedious and sensitive job bestowed upon him. Yet, he continues to manage both delicate issues, attending to one just as much as the other despite the push for his resignation on that basis. Refusing to give-up so easily shows how compassionate he is about our country, a patriotic indication which clearly reveals that he is a man who is undoubtedly ready to risk his life to end corruption – the foundation of the mass suffering. When and if he succeeds in placing “the fear of stealing pubic funds”, he would be revered for many years to come. Just as former president GEJ last outstanding decision secretly won him many hearts when he succumbed to defeat instead of allowing bloodshed during the last election. An exceptional choice that has won him merits and special honours globally as a humanitarian leader, regardless of his unfavourable past. To be fare, the headmaster should be acknowledged for little things here and there, credits befitting the magnitude in which the power of his seat holds, as it is extremely demanding to rule a former “Giant of Africa”. A similar believe which GEJ accepts, as he once said that the most difficult job is being the president of Nigeria.

Even though the musician’s affairs are totally different from the headmaster’s, but one thing which is supposed to put them in the same boat is the love and admiration of the people. The people are supposed to show the president and any future Head of State such love in their own little way. If possible, camp on the streets in-wait to wave at the headmaster’s motorcade or be available to receive or cheer him from an oversees trip, as most of the few people who attend such observance are either those who lack respect, immediate benefactors or sycophants and not real admirers. But this is not the case of the musician, as he is celebrated and appreciated by many in his own little world. Davido’s voice might be rusty yet he has assured you and I with his type of music which makes heads wiggle and hips rotate. While, president Buhari still finds it difficult to receive praises from the multitude, due to misconceptions which seemingly places him on the hot-seat were he has to mostly rephrase or defend himself. This is however not his direct fault as politics which is an inevitable dirty game, is mostly orchestrated by oppositions through media platforms to mainly dent a president’s image and weaken the peoples confidence in him, primarily for partial or personal reasons.

Hopefully, in the nearest future the headmaster could be the praise on many lips and reason to rejoice, but as for now, we must encourage him with accolades, just as we praise our business and household employees who make an employers working and living conditions more desirable. The headmaster is indeed doing a good job and deserves more appreciation or maybe you can shower your “Accolades” on Charles Okocha aka Amoshine, he desperately needs it since he openly appealed for acknowledgement of merits in his new music video.

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