6 Reasons on why it is okay to FAIL.

Failing does not imply that there is nothing unique about you or should suggest that you completely write yourself off. It is only a process which paves a way to truly understand who you are – the magnitude of your strength and weaknesses. A very difficult discovery I must say. Therefore, it is rather unfortunate that at some point in life something or someone must fail and is allowed to suffer defeat whether controlled or uncontrolled. Let me take you through some interesting reasons below as to why failing is essential and not necessarily an unfavorable situation.

Higher pay Cheques and Bonuses.
If you do not fail you can never be experienced. Thus, deemed unexperienced in a working field. Have you wondered why job recruiters are interested in your work experience. It is in view of the fact that employers are very interested in knowing how much you failed and learnt, and in what areas the working years has drilled a supposed potential candidate. The longer the years the more you are deemed experienced, meaning you have seen it all, worked under pressured, followed procedures, learnt new skills and managed people with actual working ethics. For this reason, you are seen as credible for having witnessed the favourable and tough times in a working environment. Therefore, with a handsome reward they expect that you will deliver a meaningful amount of expertise to the recruiting organisation. Now those tough times when you wanted to quit due to failure has now presented you with a bigger cheque from were you initially started. At the end of the day the reward is bountiful. For you to have risen over the years, you must have failed and struggled in various aspect, even changing your career or the organisation from time to time. This is also similar to entrepreneurs, new startups who eventually become conglomerates. Not a single one of them will tell you that they did not fail at some point.

Propels true Happiness and Healthier Relationships.
I personally think this is a good one. If you are not weak you are less likely to want more out of life. Due to the fact that you have suffered from heavy emotions which failure bestowed upon you, you would want to attain heights far off from those shortcomings. Hence, assembling a more glamorous life as you have now disassociated yourself from a certain level of suffering which lack of success brings.
Life is a process were we demand for more as we keep moving forward. For example, what we wanted as a child are not the exact same things we want now, because i might have accomplished that goal i once dearly wished for and found that it is not good for me or just not enough. This area falls well into true happiness and relationships. Due to preceding failed attempts you are now doing the things which makes you happier, be it materialistic or spiritual irrespective of the opinions of others. Your decisions towards happiness in certain things, either in yourself or on your immediate possessions becomes the centre of your world. Also, you become precise as to how people treat you, refusing to be treated less or have to accept a repeat of bad behaviours. Imperfections propels healthier relationships by exposing friends for who they truly are when you were at your lowest. Now you honestly know what is good for you and careful when associating yourself with others, treating them mostly how they behave towards you, but merely to your innermost satisfaction.

Best Version of Oneself.
You will become the best version of yourself when you fall, dust yourself back up and try again. What if you were unsuccessful a 100 times, this means you stood up 99 times, making you an undefeated soldier and not a prisoner of circumstance. Hence, knowing the immensity of one’s determination and sense of purpose, as coming-to-nothing encourages you to be persistent, resilient and confident. This is an achievement you should be proud of, since a man who keeps searching will ultimately find his treasure. Sometimes, you will have to marry more than once to find the person who completes you or have to close down different businesses before you become successful. Failing will no longer be able to scare you anymore as you are now aware that you can make something out of nothing. Defeat teaches you how to deal with your frustrations, allowing you to come to terms with the saying “it can only get better” and that is if you are willing to push further. In addition, it grants a person the ability to see things in its perfection and not through a misty cloud. The wisdom it provides will be like a coat of many colours worn over your entire body when you finally find your true meaning.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour”

Enables Foresight.
Previously failed attempts helps and makes a person aware of when they are making bad decisions or doing something wrong, because they have walked that similar path before. You can see or hear through a lie and realise when something or someone is not good for you. That little voice in your head that keeps telling you off has also witnessed failure and does not want to go down that road again. Hence, the ceaseless warning. You become more careful when making decisions, continually consulting to see where it ends or leads. This is one of the reasons why people write business plans for a new pursuit, in other to see how it would fare in profits and sustainability. Same reason why an investor would request for a copy of the plan when one needs a loan, so as to prevent future monetary hazards. The fear of failing once and again is the beginning of wisdom. Therefore, be it a love affair, family or work related, you will become very careful, vigilant precise and straightforward.

The Gift of Humility.
If you do not fail you can hardly be humble. Humility is one of the best gifts anyone can have, as it teaches you what you can never learn on your own especially with all the distractions lurking around. Humility puts you in a bubble and confines you enough for you to see what you have missed previously. It also teaches you the consequences attached to pride. Have you not noticed that it is at our lowest that we become more spiritual, we recognise that there is a God, an almighty. This trying moments would allow you to be focus, submissive, free from vanity, apologetic and self-effacing. An opportune exploration which is very helpful to ones wellbeing, as there are so many feelings a sound mind can unveil behind the curtains, especially when you allow you subconscious fly high relentlessly. A renewed search for a better you becomes evident and mostly possible when you are meek. You see things as they are and most likely not moved by hearsay or deception. Therefore, lack of immediate success does presents you with a precious gift which although comes with a price.

Boost Humanitarian Grounds.
When you fail due to obstacles that were beyond your control, you become concerned, seeking to promote public welfare.
It is very likely that you will be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, knowing that your decision in life matters and could be hurtful to others. It also allows you to pick passionate areas were you can be of help, as you already know the difficulties associated with that aspect of life. It could be a cancer relief center for children, if you have lost a child due to this illness or helping people raise funds for a startup, if you once found yourself with a great idea but without the funds to forge ahead. You will be able to see the difficulties in the world and this would propel assistance no matter how small, even if it is a phone call to uplift a friend from depression. Eventually, you will become pleasant to people for no reason instead of being alike, as at this time in your life you most have seen it all.

“We walk in the darkness to find the light”

Knowing that you are far from perfect keeps you going and allows one to try different opportunities. Stars do not struggle to shine, even if you do not see them in the sky tonight, you know that they are still shining somewhere, just not particularly above you at the moment. But do not worry you will have a glimpse of their greatness tomorrow if you can only be patient. And always remember to stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine. We all have our own unique journey that has been carved out for us through the good and the bad.

So go ahead and push, keep on walking, give it all you got and kick that door down. It will be worth it eventually..

X pj

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