Why we love the Royal Wedding- Meghan Markel + Prince Harry

April the 19th, 2018, was an “oh oh happy day” as the world stood still yet again for the marriage between an ordinary girl and a prince. When Prince William married Katherine there were some reasons as to which the marriage was okey-dokey due to shared similarities and the absence of her short-comings. However, the just concluded wedding between Meghan Markel and Prince Harry had so many people talking about how unsuitable she was to marry him. Some deemed her as just a lucky girl, while others say it will not last. Whatever the future holds for both of them is yet unknown, but as of this moment love prevailed. The reason for this mixed feelings were that her background and reputation depicts someone who is unworthy of such position. I beg to differ as I believe the world is constantly changing and the rules that were made by men are supposed to be broken by men. What worked in the last century does not necessary have to be imposed in a world which works differently, due to constant change.

Their racial background must have raised a stiff neck somewhere along the line, coupled with other visible differences and most especially her failure to meet certain standards. Across the world but most especially in traditional societies, biracial relationships have continued to stand the test of time when it comes to the affairs of love and marriage. Families frown at intercultural unions, therefore making it difficult for their children to choose freely. Hence, creating a bridge between happiness and true love, and promoting more unhappy and broken marriages. Also, it is important to take note that women most especially are at the top of this marital discrimination and scrutiny observed around the world.

Meghan’s racial background was expected to rule her out completely with less regard to her family feud, but neither of these drawbacks could stand the power of love and understanding. The dispute between Meghan and her family was another reason why a wedding was not expected to hold, as it is expected that a father gives his consent and blessings during a marriage or else it would be deemed as cursed. Regardless of the fact that her father and extended family were not in attendance, she walked into the chapel by herself like an independent woman that she is, then was later joined by prince Charles who stood in as a father and accompanied her to his son. Her wedding ceremony was brought in the presence of God to bless and man to witness, and that was all that really mattered. Nothing was going to stop her wedding because true love won a long time ago.

Also, her profession as an actress, especially in the american series “Suites” were she is seen kissing and fondling with her co-star Patrick Adams, was supposed to make her unsuited to bear a royal title if we are to reference tradition. Such acts are unaccepted in India and other alike countries, as female actresses in general are mostly considered as “loose women”, a stigma used to diminish their potential and worth. In a country like Nigeria, were such stigma exist, people tend to praise them due to their popularity but will unwillingly allow their sons or brothers marry them, just because she in on TV. In many occasions, the family or man in question will conclude on reasons why the love affair or marriage will not blossom, attributing shameful reasons of an already failed marriage on her professional status. She will at this point hear things like “if you were not an actress or a divorcee”.

The majority tend to think that marrying a previously wedded person is a poor foundation for a blissful and fulfilling union. Being a divorcee does not make you an inferior or shameless person, or should mean that you are not worthy of finding love again and re-marrying. Circumstances happen and are expected in the world we live in, weather pleasant or shocking. Anyone can become a victim of an unplanned situation or hoax and therefore not meant to suffer for their actions for the rest of their lives. Meghan was once married, yet her prince found the qualities he needed in a wife and saw her fit to hold her hands publicly as his treasure and mother to his unborn children, despite the million thousand never-been-married or younger women across the world.

What about her Age? oh “But she is older than him” is expected to be heard in this case. Yet he chose a woman three years older because that is where his love bloomed, refusing to allow societal standard steal his joy away. We are quick to pull our nose on the three-year gap, forgetting that they are of the same age group. While age was just there being a number that it should, love came and swept them off the ground.

Despite the drawbacks, the royal wedding displayed a groundbreaking affection between two love birds, demonstrated a spectacular warm acceptance by the royal family and showed the love and support of the people as the crowd cheered under the sun. The show of love and warmness in all dimensions truly impacted the world. From her simple yet unique dress, the genuine smiles and gestures, wonderfully dressed guest, beautiful weather, the thousand of fans on the streets and, the attendance and assistance from the royal family. They welcomed her like family, showing us the new way in which the royals have evolved as to the usual regal traditions. A biracial woman going into the British monarch is definitely a twist meant on pioneering a new regime. The ceremony was innovative and it made pleasant music in our ears. What transpired in St, George’s chapel that beautiful morning was modern infused into historic culture, an African-American culture merged with the ancient British culture. It is a short reassuring memory to be relived, an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking moment. To me their unification in all its bliss expressed complete satisfaction and victory after a conquered war, and my best moments was watching Meghan’s mother’s eyes glow and tear up at the same time.IMG_0534

The California actress and her British prince together conquered all societal norms and boundaries. The people who really mattered might not have wanted to see them together, but their eyes were ready to fight for the right to love and the families would have had no choice but to accept the union. She remains the woman he chose despite her profession, age, family feud, cultural differences and divorce status, and he remains the man she picked despite his age, ethnic diversity and playboy reputation. It is fair to say that the sacrifices were mutual. He sacrificed as much as she self-sacrificed for him, ending her acting career, all social media handles and blog. They both chose love, uniting against all odds. Hence, giving individuals new role models.

Cliche mindset are beginning to falter and new opportunities will begin to blossom in a society like Nigeria where people are quick to judge an older woman, calling her a cougar for dating a younger man. Families dismissing inter-racial marriages or the rich is expected to marry only the rich syndrome, as anyone of lesser status is a gold digger and reshaping the ultimate ideology that children raised by single or divorced parents are a complete write off. Her case is a typical example of God’s plan and destiny can never be overruled by human judgements. If it was in Nigeria such happened, it would have been said she used juju, a familiar term for black magic to ascend such heights.

I will continue to say it “The human mind is its greatest enemy if one allows it to work against his/her existence”. All odds would have been against Meghan but Harry and his family had full control of their minds. It was this steadfast mind princess Diana embodied, which fought for the right to love was what paved a way for her son’s actions today.

Now the world is wishing, shocked and amazed as to how much they refused to permit a wonderful opportunity walk over and past them. Allowing nothing stand in the way of what is mostly cherished – love, friendship, happiness, peace and joy. Sorry if you allowed judgements and trivial things steal the opportunity you once had, congrats to those who fought at all cost to keep that special person and for those of you who are yet to find that one, let this be a lesson and a point of reference. We have to find the strength to do things differently and break the rules if and when it becomes an obstacle to a heart desire.

If we can in fact earnest the real power of love then we can truly transform this world. Congratulations once again to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Thank you for taking time out to read my post, I bet you have learnt a thing or two. If you have enjoyed reading this post I recommend you read another one, you might enjoy it even more.

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  1. Well illustrated dear. I hope people will learn from this historic marriage, especially in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
    Love knows no boundary.
    Well done 👍


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