Introduction- What is Yessinblog?

Yessin blog will analyze and research disturbing to interesting topics from an economic to a domestic point of view, across Nigeria and beyond. Relatable subjects from a socio-economic and leadership background is expected to be controversial and overly emphasized in lengthy discussions. Whereas, the lifestyle and inspiration segments are educative, original, fun, creative and promising short posts.

Posts will be mostly articles centered around findings and opinions of the admin- powell jecinta, with occasional writings from other contributors. Also, face-to-face or focus group interviews on engaging subjects will be published through videos or transcripts. Articles will be presented as an excerpt in a post on the home page to enable further reading by clicking on the topic or “continue reading” tab . 

Also, you can choose the exact segment you would like to read through the “Categories” drop button to find recent and old posts through the “Search” button. Not forgetting that post are powered by “google translate”, an add-on which translates articles into any preferred language of your choice. Posts are usually updated every Wednesday and Fridays at 13:00 . 

So, if you love to read relatable, educative, controversial, credible, creative and fun posts, this is the place for that breath of fresh air. 

Welcome to a home away from home. Happy reading.


What makes you superior to others is deciding-standing firm, refusing to be treated less of what you are worth. But do you really know your worth?” X pj

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